Research Interests


Most of my research is on modelling postglacial rebound with 3D variation in mantle properties, and analyzing its signal in gravity and deformation measurements. I am especially interested in polar areas because postglacial rebound affects observations of ice mass change. Antarctica shows a sharp change in properties of the mantle from East to West Antarctica which affects the shape and magnitude of postglacial rebound.

My graduate students study postglacial rebound in North America, northern and Western Europe, Alaska, and the interaction with ice sheet dynamics and mantle convection. For modelling we use a model based on the finite-element software Abaqus in combination with a Python or Fortran program. The model has been extended for rotational dynamics and tidal dissipation in planetary bodies, such as Jupiter’s moon Io.

On the observation side our group mainly studies the effect of postglacial rebound in the gravity field, but also in GPS and sea level measurements.