Research Interests


Most of my research is on modelling postglacial rebound with 3D variation in mantle properties, and analyzing its signal in measurements of the gravity field. Through supervision of MSc and PhD students I am rediscovering a fascination with the solar system, specifically rotation of and dissipation in icy moons.

Recently, I am interested in Antarctica because postglacial rebound affects observations of ice mass change there. Also, Antarctica shows a sharp change in properties of the mantle from East to West Antarctica which affects the shape and magnitude of postglacial rebound.

For modelling surface loading on a 3D planetĀ  I use a model based on finite-element software. For fast computations I use semi-analytical codes developed at TU Delft. I use satellite measurements, mostly from the GRACE and GOCE missions that make precise measurements of the Earth’s gravity field.